The Driskill Hotel is one of the famous hotels in Austin city. It is deemed the oldest hotel in the whole Austin, Texas area. And what’s interesting about this hotel is that it is not only known for its prestige, it is also known to be haunted.

Driskill Hotel was completed in 1886. It was named after its owner, Col. Jesse Lincoln Driskill. Driskill, who was a successful cattle baron, moved from Missouri to Austin, Texas in 1849. He purchased the land located at 604 Brazos Street. And having the financial means after his service in the Confederate Army, he decided to construct one of the most spectacular hotels during his time.

Driskill loved his luxury hotel that even after his passing, it is believed that his spirit lingered on. Workers in the hotel would attest to seeing his presence after his death. Some even claimed Driskill makes his presence known by the smell of his cigar smoke. Aside from Driskill spooking the place, there are also other claims of haunted apparitions in the area.

One story is that of a four-year old daughter of a U.S. senator. It was believed she fell to her death after chasing a ball in the grand staircase of the hotel. After her death, lots of people claimed seeing a young girl playing with her little ball in the hotel and would mysteriously go away.

Other paranormal haunting experiences were attributed to the suicidal deaths of the hotel’s customers. Room 525 was the famous location for the deaths of two young women, who committed suicide twenty years apart in this room while they were on their honeymoon. In 1990, another woman shot herself in the tub of Room 29. Because of their deaths, strange occurrences happen in the said rooms that include apparitions, unexplained leakages and chilling paranormal sensations.