Austin is a big city and it just holds the rank of being one of the best places to live in on the entire U.S.  This is according to the Money Magazine which ranked the city second on its 2006 survey. If you think such survey is kind of outdated being taken five years ago, well the city held up fantastically even up to the current times. In the Forbes January 2011 survey, it ranked Austin the 3rd Best Job Market in America. In 2010, the Kiplinger named Austin the Best City for the Next Decade while CNN named it the Most Recession-Proof City.

When you get to know the city by heart, you will find that it truly deserved the honors and awards that it was given. This is because there are too many things that make this city an awesome place. From education to entertain, Austin has so much to offer anyone who lives in it.

Austin is the political seat of the state of Texas. It is home to one of the largest student populations in the United States with its prestigious University of Texas in Austin. With an excellent technological foundation for students and its graduates, the city sparked the growth of the technological industry. With the presence of big corporations such as Dell and Freescale Semiconductor making their headquarters in this place, it also attracted other big Fortune 500 corporations such as Apple, IBM and many others to its area.

Apart from the very active educational and economic activity in the city, the entertainment and recreational side is not left without care. Austin is actually known as the Live Music Capital of the World so anyone can have their taste of musical entertainment anywhere they go in this metropolis. In addition to the music entertainment, the natural and cultural attractions also abound in this city.